Biomethane, circular economy and energy sustainability

Biomethane, circular economy and energy sustainability

Biorig develops and implements biomethane plants in Europe. Its activity is focused on the valorisation of agricultural and livestock waste for its transformation into biomethane, a gas of renewable origin, and to promote the development of solutions within the framework of the circular economy.

Committed to communities

Committed to communities

Collaboration and transparency
We collaborate with local and regional administrations and different stakeholders to jointly develop biomethane production projects.
Sustainable development and economic dynamisation
Committed to the sustainable development of communities, the creation of employment, the revitalisation of the counties and the economic growth of local administrations.
Zero landfill, integral valorisation and organic fertiliser
We design circular facilities: zero discharge and zero water consumption, with technology for CO₂ capture and sustainable fertiliser production for agricultural soil nutrition.
Recovery of agricultural and livestock waste
We recover local agricultural and livestock waste, transforming it into resources and contributing to greater environmental control and a lower risk of pollution.
Energy independence
We work for energy independence and security, promoting the local production of biomethane to replace imported natural gas of fossil origin.
Innovation and excellence
Our plants are at the technological and environmental forefront. We implement solutions that drive the development of the biomethane sector and accelerate the ecological transition.
Integration into the local environment
We design ecosystems of proximity: we collect agricultural and livestock waste within 30 km, treat it and produce biofertilisers, promoting a circular economy model.
Environmental awareness
We work with communities to implement environmental education and awareness programmes and promote the importance of recycling, sustainability and the benefits of biomethane.
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Biomethane is a renewable fuel that can be injected into the gas grid, obtained from the purification of biogas, which in turn is obtained from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste. It is considered an essential renewable source to drive the development of energy decarbonisation.

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In the context of the energy transition, the correct recovery of organic waste is one of the main levers for reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. The use of agricultural and livestock waste is a sustainable alternative to the current management model.

Benefits of biomethane

The production of biomethane offers significant benefits for society and the economy, contributing to both the circular economy and the economic development of rural areas.

Improve management and promote separate collection of agricultural and livestock waste.

Replaces imported natural gas of fossil origin by injecting into the existing network

Promotes quality employment and reduces depopulation

Stimulates investment in infrastructure and technology

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