Biomethane, circular economy and energy sustainability

Biorig has the objective of developing and executing biomethane plants in Europe. Its activity focuses on the management of organic waste for its transformation into gases of renewable origin and promote the development of projects within the framework of the energy transition and the circular economy.

Biomethane waste management

In the frame of the demographic challenge and the energy transition, the management of waste and other by-products is one of the main aspects of reducing the carbon footprint and avoiding the deterioration of the rural environment.

Biomethane plant

Biomethane is a renewable fuel that can be injected into the gas grid, obtained from the purification of biogas, which in turn is obtained from the anaerobic digestion of organic waste

Campo con plantas en crecimiento y biofertilizantes materia orgánica

The anaerobic digestion process results in the output of a product known as digestate, which has a high organic load that is ideal for use in agricultural fertilisation.

The process

Boosting the rural economy and the transition to renewable gases

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