Biorig will build a 90 GWh/year biomethane plant in León (Spain), equivalent to the annual gas consumption of 13,000 households

  • Biorig will build and operate a new 90 GWh/year facility in San Millán de los Caballeros (Leon province, Spain), equivalent to the annual gas consumption of 13,000 homes. With a planned investment of 26 million euros, it will create more than 35 jobs and it is expected to be operational by the end of 2025.
  • The plant will recover waste from local agricultural and livestock , producing  renewable gas that will prevent the emission of more than 30,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The facility will incorporate state-of-the-art technology to capture 10,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 per year, and will generate by-products that will contribute to the sustainable fertilisation of the region’s agricultural land.

Madrid/León, 24 October 2023Biorig has announced the construction and operation of a biomethane production plant to be located near the municipality of San Millán de los Caballeros, León (Spain). The facility will inject to the natural gas pipeline network 90 GWh per year, equivalent to the annual consumption of 13,000 homes. This project, which is expected to have an estimated investment of 26 million euros, will promote more than 35 jobs. The project has been presented at the Town Hall of the municipality of San Millán de los Caballeros in an event presided by the Mayor of the village, José Alberto García Rodríguez; together with the General Manager of Biorig, Manuel Alonso.

This new biomethane production plant will allow the revalorisation of more than 150,000 tonnes per year of local agricultural and livestock waste, which will prevent the emission of 30,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. It will use state-of-the-art technology to capture around 10,000 tonnes of biogenic CO2 per year, an essential element for the manufacture of green methanol and SAF (sustainable aerial fuels).

The facility will produce by-products of high agronomic value for local farmers, thus helping to comply with sustainable fertilisation plans for agricultural soils. In addition, an internal water reuse system and rainwater harvesting system will be installed, allowing for zero water consumption, while avoiding the emission of any type of waste.

“It will be a 100% sustainable, zero-emission facility, respectful with the environment, rural and local surroundings. It will comply with the most rigorous safety standards, being the first of the next 20 plants that we plan to develop in Spain. This project will help to give a second life to the region’s waste by transforming it into green energy. Biomethane is a renewable gas and a fundamental pillar in advancing towards the decarbonisation objectives of both Spain and the European Union,” said Manuel Alonso, General Manager of Biorig.

José Alberto García Rodríguez, Mayor of San Millán de los Caballeros, explained: “This biomethane plant will offer a sustainable and efficient alternative to the management of agricultural and livestock waste in the region, as well as providing a local economic benefit, boosting job creation and the growth of key sectors such as agriculture and livestock. From the council, we encourage projects and initiatives that favour the settlement of the population both in the municipality and in the region and that fight the depopulation suffered by the rural world. This facility is an example of this, and it will help to place the municipality of San Millán de los Caballeros as a benchmark in sustainability in the province of León”.

Solarig, a benchmark in the energy transition

Biorig is part of Solarig, a vertically integrated international developer of renewable projects with solid experience in development, construction, financial structuring and operation of large renewable energy facilities. Headquartered in Madrid, it has operations in Europe, Central and South America, Japan and Australia. With more than 18 years of experience and more than 1,000 professionals, Solarig has a renewable energy project portfolio of more than 14 GW worldwide.

Solarig is committed to driving the energy transition towards global decarbonisation and helping to achieve energy independence in the markets where it operates. Solarig aims to contribute to the sustainable development of society through the rapid deployment of renewable energy, developing a positive impact on its environment through its operations and relationships with shareholders, customers, partners and suppliers.

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